Exploring the boundaries between music and sound through the use of modular synthesis, Andrés León expresses conceptualized ideas inspired by the endless nature of creation, the expansion of the universe and the human mind. His approach to art balances organized structures and randomized patterns that follow bipolar emotions driven by his fierce belief in the dual nature of the wholeness. Using his acquired knowledge and experiences after over than 10 years of studies and research on the field of sound, León engages in diverse techniques of composition, sound design, and audio manipulation.

Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, surrounded by volcanos, waterfalls, lakes, and an immense diversity of flora and fauna, León draws inspiration from the colors and shapes of these magical scenarios, and creates sounds that transport him back to the moments he experienced being at the center of these natural wonders. Every gesture made in his music resembles the relation with these ecosystems. From filters opening frequencies that reminisce of the wind blowing at the top of a mountain, to chirping waveforms and sonic textures, such as birds and insects from the rainforest.

León is constantly searching for new concepts and ways of awakening senses that connect the spectator with his art. As part of this quest, he is currently based in New York City where, influenced by the rapid and constant motion of the city, he has divided his work between hasty dystopian tracks and ambient relaxing pieces. In this sense, León compositions are constantly evolving in either a chaotic and hyperactive way, or at a rather slow and seamless pace.

Apart from his own work and research, León is currently collaborating as a producer, composer, sound designer, and sound engineer with a variety of artist with different aesthetics. Such artists include Hank Shoklee, Lee Gilboa, A2daC, Jacob Johnson, Xela, Matus, Ajna, among others.